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The plane with no branding

Updated: Mar 6

Virgin Atlantic plane above clouds

Image: Virgin Atlantic

The power of visibility for trust in business

Recently, an unbranded plane at Chicago O'Hare International Airport left passengers questioning the importance of a visible brand in the aviation industry. For graphic designers and businesses alike, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the role a strong brand image plays in building trust.

Un-branded plane

Image: Robert/Reddit user crowbar_k

In a world where passengers rely on the familiar Virgin or British Airways logos for a sense of security, the unmarked plane raised eyebrows and concerns. Graphic designers understand the impact of visibility – it's not just about making things look great, but a crucial factor in establishing trust.

When passengers step onto a plane of a well-known brand, they experience a sense of familiarity and assurance. Graphic elements, colours and logos communicate a company's identity and values, creating a connection with consumers. The absence of branding, as seen in Chicago, can leave passengers feeling uncertain about the airline's credibility and safety standards.

For graphic designers, the lesson is clear: the visibility of a brand is synonymous with trust. In the competitive landscape of the aviation industry, a strong brand image, including effective logo design and graphic elements, is not just a marketing tool; it's a promise of reliability and quality service.

The plane with no branding incident underscores the idea that businesses, regardless of industry, should prioritise maintaining a consistent and visible brand identity. Ensuring that your brand, encompassing logo design and overall graphic elements, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also consistently present across all touchpoints is crucial for building and retaining trust with clients and customers.

Do your customers always know who you are?

In an era where visual communication is key, the visibility of your brand, influenced by branding, logo design and graphic elements, can make or break the trust your clients place in your services. Graphic designers, like businesses, should ask themselves whether their brand is leaving a lasting impression and instilling confidence in their audience.

The unbranded plane at Chicago O'Hare serves as a pertinent example for businesses to reflect on the visibility of their brand, incorporating effective branding, logo design, and graphic elements. A strong brand not only attracts attention but, more importantly, builds trust that resonates with clients and customers.

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