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The need for consistency

In order to retain a professional image, firms must maintain consistency with their marketing, just like Top Gun, pilots need speed to accomplish their goals.

So what’s so important about looking professional? Being consistent with your branding is the simplest approach to build customer trust. Having inconsistent marketing materials is another simple way to come off as unskilled and unprofessional.

You must adhere to your brand rules for everything that represents your company and bears your logo. This goes beyond the conventional letterhead and business card. The colours, typefaces and overall look and feel of a piece of printed or digital marketing material should be easily recognisable to customers as being yours. However, this can only be done by being rigid and consistent in everything you do.

To make sure the rules are followed, the marketing department must keep an eye on everything. In order to preserve your reputation if you don't have a marketing department, your graphic designer must work on your behalf.

There is no justification allowing the secretary (no offence to secretaries) to type up a memo or letter in Word using a different typeface, it will undermine all of the hard work that has previously been done.

If the contracts, terms of employment and starter manual are properly designed, they will demonstrate to your new employee that your company does its due diligence and will subconsciously signal security to the employee.

Because of how simple computers are to use, it can be tempting to hastily "knock something up" when it isn't that necessary. However, this attitude will reflect negatively on the company, and by saving a little time, you risk doing permanent harm to your reputation.

So, it really is fairly easy to achieve your desired perception, just make sure that everything that is viewed complies with your brand guidelines and you’ll be building trust with your customers.

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