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The Navistar - book

Janie Anderson-Temperley, former LMRT member of staff has written an inspirational discovery journey book to help encourage positive mind-set messages for children and parents of primary school age from her own life journey experience. This new prosaic book promotes the discovery of self-belief and self-love through understanding ‘Intuition’ your secret superpower – it’s one of the most important parts of personal development and mind-set.

Janie says ‘ I have written poetry for many years and the outline of The Navistar was always in my mind, how he might look and how he would behave but I had to go through my own life journey with my children to find out his true message and meaning’. Janie experienced heavy family loss, grief and learnt how to survive life after marriage opening doors to a discovery process that kept continually testing and challenging how to live the best life possible under strenuous circumstances.

The Navistar character is quite simply, ‘magical, mystical, clever and kind and he has only one thing fixed firmly in his mind’. He is your best friend, your intuition, the voice inside your head, your gut feeling, your soul mate; he is your very own ‘Sat Nav’ guidance and internal messaging system for life!

Sometimes in life we can overlook or misunderstand what feeling ‘intuition’ means. How wonderful could life be, if from a young age we took notice and understood clearly this important internal messaging service? He is a beautifully illustrated character that wants to help and encourage children to work through some emotions that can have an impact on their mind-set. He also wants children to understand that changing just one thought, can change a moment that can change the outcome, which could possibly change your world.

Janie added ‘ I never imagined I would launch my children’s book online during these unprecedented circumstances. Life has changed dramatically but it is now more important than ever from a mum’s perspective that we create positive mind-sets for children across the world. We need to make sure they are equipped to know how to love themselves, how to recognise their own superpower and the important fact that they already have the magic inside. If I can change just one child’s mind-set and encourage them to live in the moment and experience self love and belief -that would be an amazing achievement’.

The book called ‘Discover your Inner Star’ is the first in a series of the author’s journey books written from her own experience with her children. Why would this classic children’s tale be a fantastic gift for any child? It is simply a gentle way to discover ‘who you really are’ and start a positive journey of self-love and this is where the magic starts to happen…


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