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The Christmas card

The humble christmas card.

I remember starting to design Christmas cards for various companies I worked for in September. It was our chance to create something to show off our design skills while wishing clients and suppliers a merry christmas.

After getting them printed we'd spend hours writing them adding something personal in each one, then stuffing into envelopes and then posting. All in all quite a lengthy job.

Recently this business custom seems to have disappeared in favour of the emailed version, which you think is personalised with your name appearing 'Hi Paul, merry Christmas'!

I still however love to receive cards in the post - and I think I’m not the only one, especially when there's a message that has been thought about - it's far more sincere.

We sometimes want to evolve and move with the times, but sometimes old is still best.

First batch of cards sent in the post - need to practice what I preach!

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