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Stay consistent

The number one rule for your brand is to stay consistent.

There are over 500,000 fonts and over 10,000,000 colours. To make things simpler for yourself it's easier to pick 1 – 2 fonts and 2 – 3 colours and use them, and only them. The best way to create a strong brand image is to stay consistent, having Brand Guidelines you'll know which fonts and colours to use. Everything your clients see, your business card, website, leaflets and brochures all need to have a strong brand image. When you see an Apple product or Coca Cola marketing you recognise them instantly because of their strong image. Have you seen a Linkedin or Instagram post that uses a different logo, colour or typeface to their website or printed material? This isn't helping their image - they'll become unrecognisable and this is making it harder for them to appear professional and trustworthy.

So simply:

  • The colours, fonts and typeface all need to match and follow your Brand Guidelines.

  • The stronger your image, the more professional you’ll look.

  • The more professional you look the more trustworthy you’ll appear.

  • The more trustworthy you appear the more you’ll attract the right clients and do more work.

If you need Brand Guidelines creating contact me via my email or calling 01476 585100.

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