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Logo re-brand

The LMRT logo has gone through a re-design - looking fresh for 2022.

The style is similar to the 2019 version, but the text has changed to a modern typeface bringing it right-up-to-date.

The previous version had serifs which has lost it edge with modern design.

Your logo is often the most recognisable part of your business, so it’s important it shows who you are.

What looks like four characters has been carefully looked at so that each character follows the angle of the next one making each one blend and become part of the next one.

The stem of the R was removed as the M provides the vertical element needed to show the character. Attention to detail is critical in logo design.

The new logo fits all the criteria for the new ‘mobile first design’, the style needed for modern day viewing on mobile and similar devices. The look is modern and up-to-date, however if and when it looses it edge, there will be an update made - hopefully not for a few years though.

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