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Housebuilders - create 'trust'

The purchase of a new home is the most significant investment most of us make. Signing a contract for a period of 25 years is not something to be taken lightly.

You begin by looking at the website, then request a brochure, which you read over and over again.

Every element must be exact, as a potential customer will carefully examine the brochure and scrutinise each point. The CGIs must be realistic and welcoming enough to make you believe you're driving your own into the drive. The floor plans must include all dimensions and be clear, allowing you to plan where your furniture and television will be placed.

Following that, every other piece of material should be professional and consistent with your branding. It's a weak link if you receive anything typed out in Word by the secretary or something that's been photocopied 100 times. This weak connection can sow the seed in your mind that asks, "Is this company trustworthy?" and "how will the house be built if they supply correspondence like that?"

You've earned trust, but now it's time to keep it, and the best way to do so (apart from providing excellent service) is to keep your branding consistent and attractive.

Make sure 'everything' looks great; this will help the buyer trust you and recognise you as the proper builder for them.

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