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Ferrari Le Mans simulator

Car simulator in a Ferrari showroom

I had the pleasure of being invited to GrayPaul Ferrari in Nottingham to catch the start of the 2024 Le Mans race. As a graphic designer with a keen interest in automotive design, this was an event I couldn’t miss.

Being surrounded by Ferraris is always a treat, each car is a masterpiece of design and engineering and I couldn’t help but admire the sleek lines and innovative features that make these vehicles stand out, along with the prices. The passion and craftsmanship that go into each Ferrari are truly inspiring and resonate with my own dedication to quality design.

Part of the day was dedicated to watching the legendary Le Mans race. Seeing these incredible cars in action on the big screen was thrilling and provided a perfect backdrop for the event. Ferrari after 311 laps was in fact victorious this year.

Before the race I had the opportunity to try the Ferrari simulator set up, which replicated the Le Mans circuit. As someone who isn’t a gamer, I was eager to try it out, even though I knew I wouldnt be very good. After multiple high-speed collisions, I had to retire my car, but the experience was really good.

Events like these remind me of the parallels between automotive design and graphic design, both fields require a blend of creativity, precision and an eye for detail. The time I spent at Ferrari not only fueled my passion for cars but also inspired new ideas for my own design work.

The combination of high-performance cars, advanced technology, and the excitement of the Le Mans race made for an unforgettable day. It reinforced my belief in the importance of great design, whether in the world of automobiles or in graphic design.

If you're looking to elevate your brand with exceptional design, let’s connect. Inspired by the elegance and precision of Ferrari, I strive to bring the same level of excellence to my graphic design projects, ensuring your brand 'Looks great' and performs even better.


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