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Ed Sheeran for $2

In a recent networking event, I discussed the need of making sure your marketing is just as good as your product or service.

You should watch this video of Ed Sheehan on the Hamish and Andy show performing at an Australian Peep Show, I used this video to highlight the point.

It only serves to underscore the fact that even if you are one of the best singer-songwriters in the world, (virtually) no one will pay to see you perform live if your marketing isn't done correctly.

We make decisions based on what we can see, which subsequently generates expectations—even when they are incorrect.

If your marketing doesn't reflect what you do, you won't have any customers calling you or putting orders.

Having a professionally created logo is only the beginning of your marketing and brand image; everything that a potential customer sees must reflect this professionalism.

All of your marketing material, brochures, flyers, adverts, PowerPoint slides and websites all need to be eye-catching and portray the correct image of your company.

That entails hiring professionals to do it.

People would have been queuing for miles if a graphic designer had produced an advert for Ed Sheeran that appeared in a newspaper or created some more appropriate signs that looked professional and reliable.

Although the video wasn't necessarily intended to succeed, it does draw attention to a crucial aspect of your marketing.

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