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Are you a Ferrari or Fiesta?

You're working really hard on your business, sometimes you need to reward yourself.

So imagine on your driveway you have a shiny red Ferrari, in Rosso Corsa, the iconic Ferrari red colour. The interior is crema leather interior which smells and feels amazing. The V8 engine also sounds incredible.

When you need it servicing or any work doing to it - who do you choose?

Do you let Fred who lives down the road, who’s watched a few YouTube videos and has some tools do the work? He's happy to give it a go and thinks he may be able to do it.

Or do you let a Ferrari specialist, who’s been taught at Modena in Italy, has all the correct diagnostic equipment and will guarantee that he’ll maintain the high standards you expect from your car.

It’s an obvious answer.

So you’re working hard and building a good business, when you need some marketing material who do you choose?

You could ask your neighbours, daughters, dog walker, Sandra, she’s actually a secretary, but likes to play on her computer. She uses the free version of Canva and like Fred has watched a few videos on YouTube.

She’s not sure when she'll get the job done as she only really messes around in the evening and weekends, but she’ll do her best to finish it.

...or do you chose the specialist graphic designer, let's call him Paul, who has over 30 years experience, the latest software, understands the complexities of design and will ensure he can hit your deadline with some great work.

One will do (possibly) an ok job and the other will make your business look great.

…you choose.

It's really important to get specialists for the job, how do you want people to view your business like a Ferrari or a Fiesta?


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