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Tips from the top from Virgin

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

I’m a big fan of Richard Branson, he’s very successful and always looks to be having fun.

Richard Branson

Is there a shortcut to success - no.

Creating a successful and profitable business takes time.

Your reputation will be built and customers and clients will trust you, one by one.

Create a useful product or service

Don’t go into business just to make money, it’s long hours and tough decisions, so you need to love what you do. This will show and customers will keep coming back.

Simplify your message

Be true to yourself, be honest and establish an authentic value and tone of voice.

Market yourself

With social media this is now easier than ever - so use yourself, you are the brand. Try to stand out and you will get noticed.

Embrace Social Media

This offers you a great chance to interact with your customers, so use it to your advantage. Try not to sell, but to market yourself. If you are authentic and true to yourself people will identify with you and you’ll create a following.

Keep on enjoying what you do

After all, this is why you got into business, have a genuine love and desire to provide a great service and your enthusiasm will be noticed.

If you are fully committed and success will follow.

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