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Todays films from the 50's

Stylish woman wearing sunglasses

Image: Abandoned Films

Roll up, roll up where your favourite cinematic classics are reimagined through the lens of a bygone era. Abandoned Films, using AI technology, takes us on a interesting journey with their recreations of iconic movie trailers - set in the 50s. So all your favourites: Blade Runner, Terminator and Star Wars, not as we know them, but as they might have appeared in the charm of the 1950s or the silent era from the 1920s.

Each trailer is a testament to meticulous attention to detail, capturing the essence of the respective eras while retaining the original stories, which is very novel.

From vintage hairstyles, nostalgic soundtracks and a very distinctive voice over, every frame puts you in the past..

Ready to have a look what your favourite film would have looked like 70+ years ago?

Here's a list of some, but there are many others available.

They work better with science fiction and I find them really entertaining.

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