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AI Beauty Contest

Emily Pelligrini, AI woman standing on a balcony

Image: emilypelligrini/Instagram

'Miss AI,' a groundbreaking competition that's rewriting the rules of traditional beauty contests. Spearheaded by Fanvue in collaboration with the World AI Creator Awards (WAICA), this innovative event pushes the boundaries of technology and societal norms.

At first glance, the premise seems straight out of a science fiction book – AI-generated models competing for glory and cash prizes. Yet, beneath the glitz and glamour lies a deeper conversation about the link between artificial intelligence and human perception.

The competition, which marks a monumental leap forward in the evolution of beauty contests, introduces a diverse panel of judges, including both human and virtual personas. These judges sift through a collection of AI-generated images, evaluating contestants based on criteria ranging from appearance and social media following to perceived 'personalities'. Yes, really!

Some of the judges themselves, Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini are AI personas designed to epitomise conventional beauty norms. Pellegrini was created to embody the average man's fantasy, she has long hair, ample curves and flawless features. Lopez, billed as 'Spain's first AI model,' caters to market demands for sexualised aesthetics.

Yet, amidst the controversy, there are voices of optimism. Sally-Ann Fawcett, a beauty pageant historian and real-life judge of 'Miss AI,' envisions the competition as a platform for inclusivity and modern representation. However, as the lines between reality and simulation blur, it becomes imperative to navigate the ethical complexities of AI's influence on beauty standards.

'Miss AI' offers a glimpse into the future of beauty pageants, where technology and tradition converge in unexpected ways. It will be interesting to see what occupation they see themselves aspiring to.

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