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Next years colours

Next years colours.

We’re not even in December, but we’ve already been told what colours are the ‘ones’ to use in 2021.

According to Shutterstock the colours we will be using are - Set Sail Champagne, Tidewater Green and Fortuna Gold.

I’ve recently designed a logo that used a colour very similar to ‘Tidewater Green’.

I didn’t however tell my client the name of the green, nor did I design the logo based on the supposed trend for next year.

I’m not a fan of fashionable colours or trends as they can look out of fashion very quickly.

In general it’s better to use stylish and timeless colours as they’ll last longer.

When designing a logo or identity, there are many things to take into consideration, using a 'fashionable' colour is a sure way to give the logo a short shelf life.


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