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New logo for Maserati

Here’s the new updated logo from Maserati.

The changes are only subtle, but the tweaks have made it slightly more modern.

The new logo will first be seen on it’s recently launched MC20 Supercar and then used on all future models.

Maserati have said the new logo is "more modern, balanced and elegant.”

The oval has been removed along with the horizontal lightening bolt there’s also subtle tweaks to the forks, this follows the recent trends of logos being stripped bak and being made more simple.

As much as it may see like a safe rebranding it’s essential for brands such as Maserati too still remain instantly recognisable

The logo was designed by their in-house design team in Turin ‘Maserati Centro Stile’.

The original logo was originally designed by the company’s founder Mario Maserati. The trident was inspired by the fountain of Neptune in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore where the company was founded and is a reference to the sea god’s strength.

The logo is still very much Maserati - just a 2020 version.

Question is - would you have noticed the changes?

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