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Art in Florence

Updated: Mar 6

Sculptures in Florence, Italy

I love the art in Florence, full or art in various forms, painting, sculptures and well crafted espressos too.

I thought on this visit I’d take along a pad, pens and pencils and do some sketches. I first went out at 8am, but it was a bit chilly (5 degrees) and my hands would have got too cold.

During the day it was a bit too busy and there were a few too many tourists, so I thought I’d try at night.

So I just got perched and started drawing and the ‘Art Polizia’ came along and asked me not to sit on the ledge, I was ok to stand, but not sit.

I’ve found out it’s far easier to draw sitting down than standing. So I continued drawing the ‘Rape of the Sabine woman.’

Drawing of a sculpture
Sketch by Paul Tompsett

Something that made me laugh and huff in disgust was I overheard an American tourist who when they saw the statue of The Fountain of Neptune (built in 1575) said.

Gee, is that the guy from Narnia, who’s half man, half goat!

I didn’t want to point out that the statue came out around 400 years before Narnia.

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