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A use for the Apple AirTag

(Image Copyright Apple)

Is it an expensive gadget that Apple think we need, or could it be really useful?

When I first saw it I thought it was the usual Apple marketing team saying we need something when we don’t. When the original iPod and iPad came out, we all said, but, we don’t need them. You’d now be hard pushed to find a home that hasn’t or doesn’t have one.

There are the obvious suggestions to dog collars, keys, handbags etc. I then saw people suggesting to attach it to your phone or suitcase. Surely if someone wanted to steal either of them they would just remove the AirTag?

It got me thinking and I think a great use would be for your car.

If you hid one by your spare wheel (or whatever we have now), it wouldn’t be visible to anyone.

If your car was then stolen you’d be able to track it in real time. I’ve had expensive Trackers fitted in the past that you have to pay a yearly subscription too, the Apple AirTag would be a really good alternative.

Or when you’ve come back off holiday and you can’t remember exactly where you parked your car, you can track your car using the AirTag.

I haven’t seen Apple suggest this yet, which may mean it wouldn’t work, but from what I have read, I think it probably can.

In which case, for £29 or £99 for four, would actually be a really good price.

So maybe Apple have done it again?


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