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What does the Queen's Gambit logo mean?

The Queen's Gambit logo
Netflix. License: All Rights Reserved.

I watched this series on Netflix and every time I saw the logo I wondered what the subtle design changes meant.

There are two obvious design elements.

The ‘Q’ has a tail which has moved from the normal place to the bottom of the character.

The Queen's Gambit logo - Netflix
Netflix. License: All Rights Reserved.

I wondered if this was the view of the queen from above - but it’s a bit generic and not a convincing idea.

One option I’ve read is that it is the female symbol (well nearly) as the protagonist is a female in a male dominated world.

I personally think it has something to do with the clocks that chess games use to time their moves, the start - stop lever is generally at the top, but it is sometimes on the side. It is something that’s shown continually through the series too and so that’s my theory.

The replacement of the apostrophe between the ’N’ and the ’S’ to a simple dot, this could be either the clock timer button (again) or possibly a chess piece from above (again).

Neither change has an obvious reason, unless I’m missing something, which from a designers point of view I find a bit disappointing and annoying as I try to see what the reasons for a logo design is.

Did you notice the changes and do you have a theory as to why they were made?

I’d love to know the reasons.

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