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The business 'beach body'

Now we have some better weather we’ll be inundated with the media telling us how to get the beach body ready for summer.

It’ll be the same suggestions – going to the gym, going for a run, lots of sit-ups. If we do what they suggest we’ll look better but then we have a week of bad weather and we give up on the appeal of the beach body.

Our businesses need to look good all year round, there’s no point just looking good for a short period of time. There’s never a good time, it’s not a seasonal thing where your branding is concerned. Saying there’s not a good time, there’s not a bad time either, and putting it off won’t make it any better.

If your logo, leaflets or brochure are looking a bit tired and in need of a freshen up - now may well be the best time to do something about it. Think of it as the beach body for your business.


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