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New identity for Britar

When local business Britar found itself at a crucial juncture, seeking to redefine its brand identity and create a compelling image to support its forthcoming innovative ventures, it turned to the expertise of LMRT Design. The task at hand was to craft a new logo that not only positioned Britar more strategically but also conveyed the right sentiment when presenting their cutting-edge ideas to the world.

The collaborative journey with Britar commenced with an extensive consultation, diving deep into the intricacies of brand positioning and the specific objectives the new logo was expected to accomplish. Armed with a clear vision, we embarked on the creative process, starting with rough sketches that would serve as the foundation for our design journey.

design roughs for B logo

As the initial sketches took shape, we carefully curated and refined the most promising concepts, paying meticulous attention to color palettes and typefaces. With the blueprint in place, it was time to transition from the sketchbook to digital platforms. That meant over to the Mac, meticulously translating our rough ideas into captivating visuals that we would soon present to our client.

In the end, five distinct visual concepts emerged, each intentionally unique to ensure that Britar's chosen design would be a genuine and distinctive reflection of their brand. The moment of truth arrived as we unveiled these designs to our client, and to our delight, we received the holy grail of feedback - 'signed off, no changes.' It was a testament to our shared vision and meticulous design process.

Following the client's approval, it was time to meticulously scrutinise the logo to ensure the uniform kerning (space between each letter), precise alignment of graphic elements, and overall harmony to create the master logo.

To meet Britar's diverse needs, we provided the logo in various file formats, ensuring flexibility for use across different platforms. This adaptability was a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive design solutions.

The final logo design ingeniously utilised negative space to craft the semblance of a 'B.' What's unique about this design is the intentional openness of the outer line. This open space represents Britar's position as a holding company, signifying its readiness to embrace and incorporate additional ventures under its corporate umbrella.

In addition to the logo, we took Britar's brand identity a step further by designing and producing corporate stationery and folders. These materials not only served practical purposes but also set the tone for the forthcoming website, slated to make its debut in early 2024. This holistic approach to branding ensured consistency across all touchpoints, solidifying Britar's new identity as it prepared to embark on its exciting journey of innovation and growth.

At LMRT Design, we take immense pride in being part of Britar's transformational branding journey. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact this reimagined identity will have as Britar continues to lead with innovation and creativity in its industry.

B logo

Charles, director of Britar said, 'After talking with Paul, I could see he was listening to what I wanted and we clicked. He understood what was needed, even with an impending deadline. I was delighted with the visuals that were sent, and had a hard choice deciding on the final version. The company is currently being set up as a ‘holding company, so I like the fact the green lines were open, allowing more companies to be part of the group. I’d highly recommend Paul Tompsett at LMRT design, his work really is first class.'

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