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Is it time to refresh your brand identity?

Brand identity

A strong brand identity can help you cut through the crowds and place ahead of your competitors.

Whilst a brand’s core values should remain the same, it’s image has to evolve and embody current trends to stay fresh, current and ahead in it’s market. Old-fashioned, out of date or irrelevant branding makes your business look just that.

One of the main questions to ask is, how old is your current brand identity? Yes there are an abundance of brands that have been around for a long time, like in our examples, but even they have tweaked their identities through the years to stay ahead of the game and become some of todays most recognised brands. Refreshing your brand identity maintains the visual connection with your audience and brings it up-to-date for today's audiences.

The age of your identity isn’t the only reason for you to take a look at your brand, changing leadership or the release of a new product are also ideal times to see if your keeping up with the latest trends.

A refresh isn't just about tweaking your logo or website. It is also about clarifying what you offer as a company, what makes you different and why your clients or customers should choose you over the competition. All of this makes it vital to keep your business growing.


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